Dział IT
Intern Frontend Engineer

3 miesące / m-c
3500 zł


  • Has good foundations of programming and is familiar with JavaScript, React, Redux.
  • Shows great capacity for growth and right attitude.
  • Progresses in applying software development best practices and clean code.


As an intern, You will learn new technologies such as React and Redux under the guidance of experienced developers. You will gain experience working on a large and advanced commercial project. In addition, You will work with a team of professionals who care about releasing the best product. The work is demanding but the environment of helpful people and nice atmosphere will help you to overcome the encountered problems.

Rekrutacja zakończona

O pracodawcy is a team of business-oriented problem solvers. We use our outstanding technical proficiency to identify, analyze and solve problems with AI-powered solutions.

Research work is an essential part of and a key aspect of the company’s development. Our projects bring fresh ideas to AI research, an area of human thought and production we believe is worth contributing to. In collaboration with top universities, scientific institutions and global corporations, we have made crucial contributions to the field of Reinforcement Learning.